Electronic filing, available in English and French, allows a party or the party's legal representative to file documents electronically with the Federal Court via a secure, Internet-based system, in all areas of the Court's jurisdiction.

The filing process is simplified by step by step directions that guide the user through each part of the application. Help options and information are available throughout the entire submission process.

Users can cancel their incomplete submission at any point in the application if they decide they do not wish to submit their documents electronically. Users can return to previous steps during the application if changes need to be made before submitting a filing.

Inquiries about the status of submitted filings are facilitated through the use of a unique filing identification number assigned to each completed submission, and further provided to the filing party as a confirmation number for their records.

The e-filing guidelines have been amended so that e-filers do not need to furnish paper copies of most documents (this does not apply to documents over 500 pages).

For more information, consult the Federal Court's Notice to the Profession and Annex thereto.

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Electronic Legal Service

Electronic legal service allows a party or the party's legal representative to serve documents electronically pursuant to Rule 147 of the Federal Courts Rules.

For more information consult the Federal Court's Notice to the Profession and Annexthereto.

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