Application for leave and judicial review – Citizenship

Before filing your application for leave and for judicial review, have you:


Application for leave and judicial review - Citizenship matter

Used the proper form (Form IR-1 ) found in the Federal Courts Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection Rules


Indicated the full name of the parties


Provided the date and details of the decision/matter to be reviewed – Note: your application must be limited to one decision


Indicated the name of the tribunal and or person(s) having made the decision and the tribunal’s file number


Mentioned the date on which you were notified or became aware of the decision and whether you received written reasons from the tribunal


Described the precise relief you are requesting and the grounds to be argued


Indicated the place and language for the hearing of the judicial review, if leave is granted


Provided your address for service in Canada


Prepared enough copies for certification by the registry for service on the respondent(s) (the Department of Justice will require 2 copies)


Determined the addresses for personal service of the respondent(s)


Provided the required filing fee ($50)


Included a request for an extension of time if the time limit of 30 days under section 22.1 of the Citizenship Act has expired


Dated and signed the Application for leave and for judicial review

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