Members of the Court

The Associate Chief Justice

The Honourable
Jocelyne Gagné

Deputy Judges (section 10 of the Federal Courts Act)

Any judge or former judge of a superior, county or district court in Canada may, at the request of the Chief Justice made with the approval of the Governor in Council, act as a judge of the Court.

Supernumerary Judges (section 5.1 of the Federal Courts Act and section 28 of the Judges Act)

A judge of the Federal Court who has:

  • continued in judicial office for at least 15 years and whose combined age and number of years in judicial office is not less than 80; or
  • attained the age of 70 years and has continued in judicial office for at least 10 years
may upon notice to the Minister of Justice elect to give up regular judicial duties and hold the office of supernumerary judge. The judge must then be available to perform such special judicial duties as may be assigned by the Chief Justice.

Prothonotaries are appointed under the Federal Courts Act (s. 12). They are full judicial officers and exercise many of the powers and functions of Federal Court judges. Their authority includes mediation, case management, practice motions (including those that may result in a final disposition of the case, regardless of the amount in issue), as well as trials of actions in which up to $50,000 is claimed (see Rules 50, 382, and 383 to 387 of the Federal Courts Rules).

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