Hearing List Legend

The language of the hearing and of the style of cause reflected on the hearing list has been deduced from the Court record.

Court hearings are open to the public unless, for special reasons, the Court directs that the hearing be held in camera.

Abbreviations or symbols used in the hearing list and Court index & docket:

Hearing List Legend
APM Appeal motion
APP Appeal
T Trial
JR Judicial Review
H Hearing
HQL Hearing of the question of law
IND Indictment
M Motion
MII Motion Inter. Injunction
MIIN Motion Interim Injunction
MRD Motion Review of detention
MSJ Motion S. Judgment
MS87 Motion S.87 IRPA
MSD Motion Stay deportation
MSC Motion Strike Claim
MST Motion Sum. Trial
MCF Motion for Confidentiality
MC Motion on costs
MSCA Motion to Show Cause
MGC Motion to Show Cause - Garnishment Proceeding - Charge Absolute or Discharge
MGI Motion to Show Cause - Garnishment Proceeding - Interim Charge
MQL Motion to determine question of law
NOR Norwich order proceeding
RS183 Reference (s. 18.3)
RR153 Reference (R. 153)
S11 S.11 Application of the Competition Act
SALE Sale and auction of a ship
SENTH Sentencing Hearing
SETTL Settlement Conference
SC Special Case
STATE Stated Case
CH Contempt Hearing
SHOW Show Cause Hearing
OBJEC R.318(2) - Objection
SR Status Review
PTC Pre-Trial Conference
PHC Pre-Hearing Conference
CMC Case Management Conference
MTG Meeting
TMC Trial Management Conference
DRC Dispute Resolution Conference
MED Dispute Resolution Conference - mediation
ENA Dispute Resolution Conference - early neutral evaluation
MINI Dispute Resolution Conference - mini trial
TC By Teleconference
VC By Videoconference
(h): Hours
(min): Minutes
(d): Days
(-): Not Available

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