Action and simplified action

Before filing your statement of claim, have you:


Action and Simplified Action Checklist

Used the proper form (A statement of claim against her Majesty the Queen only must be prepared using the form provided in Schedule 1 of the Federal Courts Act. Otherwise, parties must use form 171 A.)


Clearly identified the parties involved in your claim


Included all the information required by rule 182

  • nature of any damages claimed
  • where monetary relief is claimed, if the amount exceeds $50,000
  • value of any property sought to be recovered
  • any other specific relief other than costs
  • is the action being proceeded with as a simplified action

Provided your address for service in Canada


Prepared 2 additional copies for service by the registry on the Crown, it’s ministers or the Attorney General of Canada (if they are parties to the action)


Prepared enough copies for certification by the registry


Determined the addresses for personal service of other parties


Provided the required filing fee


Dated and signed the Statement of Claim

In addition, for a simplified action, have you:

Action and Simplified Action Checklist

Clearly indicated Simplified action in the heading of your document

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